Proposed Residential Development at Hornhatch Farm, Chilworth, Surrey, GU4 8HS
This is the archived version of the Gleeson Developments plan. For the 2018 Guildford Borough 80 houses plan see here.
Proposed Residential Development at Hornhatch Farm, Chilworth, Surrey, GU4 8HS Heading
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From: George - 07/10/2013 08:41:24
Dont you think it is about time Blackheath had some sort of development and leave poor Chilworth alone.

From: Tom - 10/05/2013 12:46:52
The decision has been published on the Guildford BC website:
Decision Level: Delegated
Decision Date: 09/05/2013
Decision: Refuse
Or go to the bottom of the Documents page and click the button to go to the Guildford planning website.

From: Iain - 08/05/2013 20:56:43
Greenbelt - It is currently used as a part farm/part logging business, looks terrible just now, would a smart development enhance the village, rather than make it worse?

Traffic - Perhaps given the fact it is already a bottleneck, GBC could insist on junction improvements to allow better traffic flow as part of the development, thus helping everyone?

As to the village being one big car park already - well, this development would (I am assuming here) be slightly off the main road, meaning off street parking, or at least off main road parking. On New road the problems could be mostly solved with better implemented parking restrictions to prevent inconsiderate parking.

From: Jane - 06/03/2013 16:32:22
I totally agree with the previous comments. Building on Green Belt should be stopped. Chilworth is already one massive car park and building another 30 homes would only be a nightmare for villagers. Trying to get out at Rice's Corner in the mornings is sometimes hell. Just out of interest, are the Heards moving away. Is Andrew Heard going to continue his log business from there and having bonfires every five minutes...

From: Mrs Hunter - 25/02/2013 15:45:36
I feel this is too large a development for the area and the bad roads. Traffic is too much in Chilworth and Blackheath at the moment and the T junction at Rice's corner is a bottleneck at the moment even without the additional traffic this will create.
I am particularly concerned as Blackheath has a large number of people using it as a shortcut and with the bottleneck at the T junction from New road, traffic is bound to increase in Blackheath as people avoid the bottleneck.
Once one starts to develop in green belt and an area of outstanding beauty, where does it stop?

From: Tony Hammond - 24/02/2013 11:54:43
We are vigouressly opposed to this development, which will
ruin a beautiful area of countryside adjoining the North Downs and will seriuosly affect the already overloaded , fairly peaceful village of Chilworth . The effect will also seriously affect the peace and quiet of surrounding villages too.
If this application is granted, where wil the next one be on an area of outstanding natural beauty!?

From: Chris - 23/02/2013 15:23:40
This is horrendous! A total obliteration of the green belt. More houses within the greenbelt, eventually leading to Street lighting, crash barriers and suburbia. Those in favour consider moving to Burpham or Woking. Nimby? Yes

From: Tom - 18/02/2013 23:50:53
The Notice of planning application from Guildford Borough Council letter with instructions on how to comment on the application has been added to the Documents page (newest files are at the bottom of the documents page!)

From: Peter - 18/02/2013 21:34:07
I agree, the main artery of the village is already overloaded, this development will make entry and exit to our village much worst. Chilworth's beautiful entrance will be spoiled with yet more concreted jungles. This development should be stopped.

From: John - 16/02/2013 07:35:13
This development will be outside the existing settlement boundary of Chilworth. Local schools are already at bursting point. the site borders a dangerous bend and is close to a notorios acident blackspot known ad Rice's corner. But the worst aspect of this development is that he will further create ribbon development along the main road.
Chilworth already suffers badly from this. the site is a greeb belt site in am area of outstanding natural beauty. it will be clearly visible from the Chantries beauty spot.Object to this development. There are better kocations in Chilworth to develop if necessary.

From: Tom - 07/02/2013 12:39:33
The pdf for the 30 houses version / plan has been put on the Documents page (scroll to the bottom to the most recent file).

From: Sarah - 06/02/2013 12:55:43
As an extremely worried Chilworth resident, I spoke to Mark Jackson at Gleeson today, having seen his phone number on the documentation sent to Hornhatch residents. He explained that a formal planning application went off to Guildford Borough Council today for 30 housing units. At the pre application meeting in July 2012 it was apparently made clear by the council officer that 50 units would be unacceptable, hence the revised submission.
Chilworth simply cannot support this level of proposed disruption.

From: Tom - 30/01/2013 12:23:39
I've been given permission to add the plans to the website - have a look at the Documents page for the latest files.

From: James Palmer (Guildford Borough Councillor for Shalford and Chilworth) - 20/01/2013 23:57:01
The leaflet circulated by Gleeson failed to tell local residents that the planning officers at Guildford Borough Council told them at their meeting with Gleeson's representatives last year that the Council would object in principle to housing development on the site because it is designated green belt. It seems to imply that GBC is happy with the proposal for approximately 60 homes. I can assure you that I am not, and I am not happy with the tactics of this developer. I am seeking an early discussion with Gleesons about this proposal. If any Chilworth resident wishes to contact me, my email is

From: anonymous - 17/01/2013 14:01:26
Chilworth has already had it's fair share of new homes and really does not need anymore. Most homes now have at least 2-3 cars per family so where are all these cars going to be parked? Look at the parking situation opposite the Percy Arms! I assume if planning permission is granted, the Heard's will be retiring and moving away from the chaos this will cause.

From: Tom - 16/01/2013 11:51:59
Unusually I've not had a reply to the request.. previous responses have normally been very quick.

From: Tom - 13/01/2013 18:38:37
I've been emailed much higher quality plans than the one on the A4 leaflet and have asked for permission to upload it to this site.
We will see :)

From: Hopkins - 12/01/2013 15:40:56
Have contacted Gleeson today and asked how widely they are consulting within the village as it is not only the properties immediately adjoining the proposed development that would be affected by the substantial increase in traffic that would result but the whole village.

From: Rachel - 12/01/2013 12:42:17
Has anyone been able to ascertain what the houses will actually look like, we are asked to comment on the the impact to the character of the village, which why one can't object to the concept of building houses next to a road, its hard to know of their aesthetic impact when there is no indication as so size, proportion or building materials?

From: Tom - 05/01/2013 11:24:55
Hi Angus, Thank you for posting the email that you had sent to Gleeson. I also emailed them asking for a better resolution version of the letter and was sent an expedient reply - sadly the resolution in the electronic copy was no better.

From: Angus Wilson - 05/01/2013 07:38:51
Email sent to Mr Jackson:

I received one of your information Letters being a resident in New Road. I tried to look up further information, in particular a high resolution version of the plan as the 'photocopy' is unreadable.

If you could upload such a plan/plans to your website or forward them to what seems to be the 'community site' that would allow us all to SEE what is proposed.

Some early comments on infrastructure :

Movement of the 30mph limit to south of Hornhatch Farm, I am sure the Heard's will tell you, drivers like to take full advantage of that extra 10(20)mph from the village to their gate.

Installing a pedestrian crossing at the bus stops to allow your new residents to cross safely to the rest of the village. I am sure you know how many deaths and serious injuries are required before one is 'required'. Good PR not killing off your home buyers?

From: Tom - 04/01/2013 13:43:46
This is a discussion thread, post any comments or questions you have.